Weekly Journal- June 25th

I had to miss my last day at E Elementary :( I have a terrible case of strep throat. I dropped off some goodbye treats and my final evaluation form. I have learned so much from these kids! I am in the process of talking to the principal about coming back next year :) 

I’ve learnt a lot about my place in life too, and I don’t think it is in a classic classroom setting like this, there is too much in the education system that needs reformed. I couldn’t sit back and work in it. Maybe a position a little higher in the education system! I will have to explore my options a little further.

Weekly Journal- June 18th

Only two more visits at E Elementary! The time passed by so quickly! I know all the kids names finally and it’s almost time to leave them! I really like this group, if I took up the position next year, I would have to find a fourth grade classroom with some of the same kids. They really made the experience.

The kids have gotten really good at this flash mob dance! It’s very sweet to see them finally doing things in sync with each other, although sometimes they still lose it and that’s equally as cute! 

They are still loving the gymnastics! They’re all so comfortable with me now, I get lots of questions and they love to show off their tricks in this block! I’m so happy that they’re so excited about this physical activity.

If only they could be so excited about math! 

Weekly Journal- June 11th

The kids have started gymnastics in their P.E. period! I have never seen them behave better or be more excited about something. It’s all very simple stuff, one of their exercises is rolling big fuzzy dice to see how many pushups or burpees they have to do and they just go crazy for it. When they’re enjoying themselves so much they can be controlled so easily, it’s such a great tool. You would think it would be utilized much more often. Make things fun, kids will do it.

I spent most of my marking time with one child in particular that was having trouble grasping analog time still, the teacher was pretty worried because they are supposed to have finished this lesson already so we spent a lot of time together on it today. The teacher is very happy to have me there for things like this that she doesn’t have time for. In essence, I clean up the things she doesn’t have time for like spending a little extra time with the kids who didn’t quite grasp her lessons. I really enjoy this, I find it really rewarding. The teacher has a lot of advice to offer me now that we’re nearing the end of the year. I find her advice very helpful.

Weekly Journal- June 4th

I can’t believe this is my last month at E Elementary! Only 3 more visits after today. The kids don’t seem to have noticed it’s near the end yet, their understanding of time is so much different from ours, I remember how one year in school was a lifetime as a child. 

They’re working on pastel drawings of birds this week in their Art block. I notice the same children that had trouble with the free exercise have created pieces almost identical to students near them. This is a skill that I wouldn’t nurture, it could be squashing some creativity that these children have yet to tap into. 

They are continuing with the flash mob dance, not too much improvement but they’re definitely tired of trying. The complaining was at a maximum this afternoon. 

Weekly Journal- May 28th

The kids are practicing a flash mob for their final assembly in their music class. Its very sweet to see them trying so hard to learn the moves. Some of them put too much energy into it and end up colliding with others while other students are too shy to do much at all. It warms my heart to see them laugh and dance. 

I marked a very thick stack of math worksheets today, without a key, so hopefully my math skills aren’t too rusty ;) The kids are doing their running in P.E. so I stayed behind and finished up the marking for the teacher. The student that she praised as the smartest of them all gave me a lot of attitude when I called her over to make a correction. It worries me how jaded she seems already, my older sister was gifted and this led her to become bored and abandon her schoolwork at an early age. This is another way that I see the school system failing children, even those with the brightest futures.

Weekly Journal- May 21st

The students have started playing charades as their P.E. time, although in a different form that’s easier for them. It’s interesting to see the ones that take to it quickly and love the attention compared to those who are too shy to participate at all. They are all made to participate eventually which seems a bit cruel for some of them. 

In art, the students are working on the drawings of their families although I didn’t get to see much of this because I spent the majority of their art block making photocopies. The photocopier machine is quite high-tech, I thought I knew how to work one of these! I was very glad for the privacy of the room to inspect the different functions and options. How technology has changed since I was in high school even (this was the last time I used an upright photocopier machine).

It was nice to have a little peace and quiet though, just some mindless button pushing and stapling to do for awhile.

Weekly Journal- May 14th

In art class this week, the students were given a little more freedom in drawing their families. Although, the freedom worked wonders for some children, I can see the benefits of the structured assignments now. I spent a lot of time getting kids back on track because they weren’t interested in the assignment. This had a lot to do with them having difficulty deciding on what to draw.

I enjoy this time with the kids because I have a pretty good education in art from my father who is a graphic artist and illustrator so it is pretty rewarding to pass along the skills I’ve learnt to these kids. 

Continuing with ukuleles this week, the kids are starting to trust my help in this area more this week, I think. They do so well on their own practicing but when the teacher tries to get them to play a song together, the results are a little less than great. It is very endearing to see them try to hard though.

Weekly Journal- May 7th

Away for sister’s birthday this week.

Weekly Journal- April 23rd

I’m really becoming fond of one of the students in particular! He’s the smallest one in the class and he’s named after a famous street in Vancouver. He’s outspoken, the first one to come talk to me without prompting. I see good things for him!

In other news, the kids are playing ukuleles in music now! This is really exciting because I am getting a chance to actually participate in this class with my rudimentary ukulele knowledge! Usually, music class is an observational practice for me. This practice still teaches me a lot concerning teaching styles and learning styles but I appreciate the chance to get more involved, I really love spending time with these kids! 

in P.E., they are continuing their mini marathon experience that I described in my last post. This school seems to at least have a good handle on encouraging exercise! That’s really great to see.